How to Organise Food and Drinks for CrazySail

The organised ones amongst you have probably already started thinking about how to organise food and drinks for the week.  Here is a guide on how to buy and pack food for your crew during the week.

Where to buy 

Some of the crews are bringing their own food and drinks from Italy as they will be driving to Croatia (and you know those Italians are very fussy about their food!). If you aren’t transporting food to Croatia with you, then we recommend buying food and drink at the supermarket near the marina on the Saturday when we arrive. Then everyone can load up their boats at the same time.
Every second day we will moor at a location where you can buy more fresh groceries and ice. But these grocery stores will smaller and more expensive than the original marina so make sure you are organised from the start.


It is up to your crew to decide what meals you will be preparing each day. We are sailing to some amazing remote locations so just be aware there won’t be many opportunities to go to restaurants and dine out. Here are a few points on things to remember with food:
  • easy meals to cook on a boat are recipes with pasta, cold rice, eggs etc.
  • bring lots of snacks 
  • bring salt, pepper, sugar and condiments
  • don’t buy too many cold things like milk and meats because they won’t last very long in the boat fridge 
  • don’t buy bananas because the weather is hot and they will stink up the boat


You know what and how much your crew wants to drink during the week so you should buy your drinks accordingly. But importantly, don’t skimp on bringing water.
  • drinking water (2L per person per day)
  • spirits
  • mixers 
  • cocktail ingredients 
  • beer
  • cider
  • prosecco 
  • coffee (there is no coffee in Croatia!)

Other important things to buy

  • anti-seasickness medication (like ear patches called transcop). Even if you don’t think you will get seasick, you should have this on the boat just in case because seasickness is like a hangover from hell that never goes away!
  • ice to keep drinks and food cold 
  • rubbish and plastic bags
  • sponges and cleaning products 
  • toilet paper 
  • paper towels
  • plastic plates, cups and cutlery (unless you like washing dishes and using up all of your water supply each day)
  • sunscreen (being red and peeling from sunburn is not sexy)

Fall crazy in love with our new CrazySail shirts

We have just finished designing the official CrazySail shirt for 2013!  

Check out the design below.  So kids, what do you think?  We reckon that everybody who passes our fleet of yachts in the Adriatic sea will be green with envy about our sexy new shirts.

CrazySail, shirts, boys

CrazySail, shirts, girls

It is really important for everyone to get into the fun and spirit of the week, so we will be ordering shirts for every person coming to CrazySail.  We will contact each of the skippers to get an idea of your shirt sizes.  If you want to let your skipper know your specific shirt size, then you can have a look at the shirt size measurements in the links below:

Boys – shirt measurement sizes

Girls – shirt measurement sizes

We will be placing orders for the shirts on Friday 21 June (that’s this Friday!) so please sort out any shirt size requests before then.  Once we have confirmed the numbers of shirts, we will confirm the price of the shirt per person.  At this stage, we estimate that the shirts will be 15 Euros per person.

Finally, there are only seven more weeks to go.  Get excited.  See you soon, green machines!

Ahoy there sailor!