Marina Scarlino, Italy

We will meet at Marina Scarlino in Tuscany, Italy to check in for the boats and depart for Elba/Corsica.  Here, you will meet with your crew members, have a brief with your skipper about the week ahead and discuss the journey together.  We will also return to Marina Scarlino on the final night of the week.


The island of Elba will be our first destination.  We will spend the day exploring the beautiful area of Elba.  For the evening, we will plan a special event for all of the crews to get to know each other.


Capraia is a small island, but there are lots of secret places just waiting to be discovered.  On the route, we will sail around to hidden bays, explore old ruins and relax at isolated beaches.

Saleccia, Corsica

Sailing to Corsica is going to be the highlight of the week.  We will anchor in the famous beach of Saleccia.  Here, you will be able to take your time to go on land, go hiking and explore the north of Corsica.  We will organise some group activities from Saleccia, so get ready for some adventures! 


Nautical miles that we sail across


Crew members coming to CrazySail


Amazing days sailing and having fun with friends


Handsome skippers who love to sail