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The Party Guide for CrazySail 2013

Thanks for following and adding to the Spotify playlist CrazySailors!  

Now that we have the music sorted for the parties, you probably want to know a bit more about the amazing parties that we are organising, right?  Here is a little sneak preview. 

The Welcome Party 

The first day is going to take some time getting organised with food, checking in and loading the boats.  Please be patient and help everyone to get ready.  The sooner we organise ourselves, the sooner we can start the festivities for the week!  Once we are all ready, we will sail to the bay just opposite Marina Dalmacija and have our first raft party.  A raft is a group of boats tied up next to each other – it will look something kind of like this which will let us party next to each other and move from one boat to the next.  


Roast Lamb Party

On the second night, we will be on the southern part of an island called Dugi Otok (sounds exotic, right?).  There is a wonderful walk that goes around a salt lake and climbs over 20 metre high cliffs.  It is a magical experience to walk there with the smashing waves against the cliffs just as the sun sets.  At dusk, we will order an entire roast lamb to feast on at the bay from a local Croatian family.  You may have been excited about La Porchetta, but nothing is going to compare to Agnello Arrosto!

Roasted Lamb

Roasted Lamb by tuchodi, on Flickr


Forbidden Lake Raft Party

On the fourth evening, we will be in Prokljan Lake after sailing ten miles through a beautiful fjord to reach the point where the freshwater meets the saltwater of the sea.

In the mystery of this salt lake, we will find a spot to raft up and have the Forbidden Lake Raft Party.  Things are always more fun, when they are forbidden after all!

CrazySail 2013 REGATTA

On the second last day, we will have the inaugural CrazySail Regatta!  Don’t expect the skipper to do all the hard work – this will involve teamwork from the entire crew if you want to win the regatta.  The race is one thing, but equally as important is the team spirit, crazy stunts and costumes that is also going to happen during the regatta.  We want to see you impress the other crews in the most creative ways possible.

Not to brag, but it’s probably gonna be my crew at the front there. Image Credit: chris.diewald on Flickr

Summit Raft Party

On the last evening the music will come from above! On the top of a hill in the middle of the islands, we will have some drinks and some music watching the beautiful sunset over the Kornati Islands, and why not, some CrazyDance moves!

North Hole/Cape Porn Raft Party

Something REALLY Crazy for the last midday cocktail party could have not been denied! When the phrase “hot for the yacht” gets taken too seriously that’s what happens ;)…People get creative and be fun for the last party of this amazing week!!!!

For the full schedule of where we are going during the week, check out the http://crazysail.org/where/ page on our website.

Next week, we will post about how you can organise food and drinks for your crew.  In the meantime, you can brush up on your cocktail making skills to get ready for the upcoming parties!

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