July 8, 2013 Winnie

Tune into the CrazySail Radio


There are less than five weeks to go until we are sailing under the Croatian sun and partying under the stars.  But wait, there is one final ingredient missing for us to have an amazing week … the music!!!

We are organising a CrazySail Radio station for every boat to tune into during the week so that we can all party together with the same music blasting from our fleet of yachts.  The radio station will also be used to tell everyone what the party plans are for each evening, so it’s important that every boat tunes in.

In preparation for CrazySail Radio, we have started a playlist on Spotify with all of our favourite party tunes.  The playlist is a little teaser to get you excited about the fun we’re gonna have during this week.  Here is the link to the CrazySail playlist:

Open in Spotify 

We have made it a collaborative playlist so that you can add songs you like to the playlist on Spotify.  This way, we can make sure that all of your song requests will be played at the CrazySail parties too.

Don’t forget to bring along your iPods, mp3 players and CDs to play music on your own yacht during the days.  Of course there will be plenty of dance, electro and dub step tunes playing all night, but it is also nice to have some chill-out music during the days.  Just think of Jack Johnson’s sweet acoustics playing in the background while you’re lying in a hammock on the front deck of the yacht.  Ohhh yeahhh …

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